About SFG

About Schuler Financial Group:

For our firm, comprehensive financial planning starts first with an education about the basics:  investments, insurance, what mistakes people make, and our firm's philosophy. We conduct quarterly Retirement Income seminars at our facility to accomplish this. Feel free to register at our office, by phone, or on-line. Following the seminar, you will be provided with an individual consultation, at no cost or obligation, to review your financial goals, discuss how to create a plan to achieve them, and analyze what obstacles might stand in your way. Once a comprehensive financial plan has been put in place, we will continue to monitor your progress over the years, making adjustments as your plan dictates to keep you on the path to your goals.

Meet Our Staff:

Danny Marton - Executive Assistant

Danielle Roeser - Office Manager

Kim Wingfield- Client Service Assistant

Chris DeWitt - Chief Financial Officer

Melissa Schuler - Facility Maintenance